Friday, July 29, 2011

Grilled Edamame

Have you ever had edamame?

I didn't try this glorious bean until I was well into my 20's, but I wish I'd started earlier.  From my basic understanding, edamame is a dish of young, green soybeans that are blanched or steamed in their pods. You sprinkle them liberally with salt, and then undertake the task of squeezing them into your mouth. Some people pop them out of their pods and onto their plates. I'm not feigning delicacy here; I shove the whole pod in my mouth and squeeze out the beans with my teeth. It's the kind of woman I am.

Edamame is one of my go-to side dishes for a plethora of reasons, including:
  1. Edamame taste awesome.
  2. They are frozen in my freezer and ready-to-go at a moment's notice.
  3. Edamame are filled with fabulous nutrients like fiber and protein.  
Recently, the husband and I were doing some grilling, and I had an idea. What if I tossed the edamame on the grill to cook with the meat? Hmmm. Intriguing. 

It was a fun experiment, and the edamame tasted great. They weren't super smokey tasting, but it was fun to try. Next time edamame is on your menu, mix it up and turn on the grill. 

Grilled Edamame

Preheat grill to medium high. Place frozen edamame in the middle of two pieces of aluminum foil layered on top of each other. Pull up the edges of the aluminum foil and pour about 3 tablespoonfuls of water on top of the edamame. 

Crimp the edges of foil to seal them together, creating a little packet. Place foil packet of edamame on the grill. Cook with the lid closed for about 8 minutes. 

Open foil carefully because it will be filled with steam.

Sprinkle edamame liberally with salt and serve hot.  

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  1. I love buying the shelled edamame and throwing it into pasta salad or eating it on its own. What else do you do with yours?