Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turn it Up! by Lady of the House

I grew up on Paul Simon, James Taylor and the Beatles. The first concert I ever saw was Phil Collins. I have been teased for a particularly bright Bonaroo t-shirt, and at college in southern California I DID randomly bump into my brother at a Phish show. I may still argue the best way to listen to Super Tramp's Breakfast in America is flat on the floor with head phones and all the understanding of an 8 year-old. (Yes, I have memories of my mom laughing at me for singing the lines, "She's not much of a girlfriend. Never seem to get a lot.") You get the gist. But, I still say, nothing tops terrorizing the baby sitter (thanks to my sister's genius with the stereo) with the fabulous cacophony of Paul Simon's Graceland and the subsequent pandemonium of two, tiny little girls dancing their hearts out as they jumped from cushion to cushion, as if to say, "You don't get this. Go home, lady!"

Music is deeply personal, while somehow it does seem to tie us, connect us and weave a sort of fabric, if not a temporary one. It's why I'll always remember taking the doors off my Jeep for the hot days of high school and blasting Zap Mama, Fiona Apple, G-Love and Fleetwood Mac. It's a sort of siren call to a sensitive ear. Sixteen and wondering, if you play it loud enough, will someone hear what you do?

In an effort to harness a bit of those initial feelings of musical exploration and come to grips with the fact that my last family member in California has now moved to the East Coast, I've performed a valuable exercise--I've created the modern-day mix-tape. God bless iTunes for letting us behave like the animals we really are, while making us feel quite slick and technologically advanced. I submit to you (as sort-of gift queen around these parts) a MIX is one of the most thoughtful and wonderful gifts you could give.

My MIX is based on walking, or commuting. And it's hopefully not too melancholy. (I do tend to lean that way. Surprised?) Really the process itself couldn't be easier. Choosing is the difficulty. Give it a try. I'm guessing your recipient will be dazzled by the tracks you're just not sure about, or a bit reluctant to add. And it's so easy. Open iTunes, hang a right under Quick Links, click on Buy iTunes Gifts, and scroll down to Give Specific Music. It's perfect for the graduate, your hubby, or hey, your folks for playing the stuff for you in the first place!

{ Lady of the House }

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  1. okay, I absolutely love this entry and could not agree more with the Lady of the House- she says it best- that's for sure!