Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do Give Me a Call by Lady of the House

I'm in a completely new phase of life, I've realized. And with any change comes an introduction to a slew of new people you hadn't otherwise encountered. I was sorely unprepared to exchange information at a party last weekend. In fact, I resorted to my husband's iPhone to jot down a new friend's digits. How tacky! Well, not as tacky as the sound of my own voice, repeating the spelling of my last name while she scrawled my email address on a deposit slip in her checkbook.

We've all been there, but it isn't glamorous or necessary, and I'm determined not to let this happen again. Thankfully, as I type, my new calling cards are in the works. I am absolutely giddy with the thought of custom printed cards I'll be able to hand out here, there and everywhere, but I do realize some of you are snorting and tisking as you read this. How Stepford!, you might be remarking. And while I'm sort of dying to hear your thoughts on what some might deem a dilapidated and useless tradition, I'll beg you to hear me out. (But please do comment, my dears.)

First of all, I'm not on Facebook, surprise surprise. So I don't fall into the category of, "Just Facebook me." (And I probably never will.) Secondly, there's enough texting and tapping of phones, that I do believe perhaps a bit of paper is a welcome, dare I say sturdy and fashionable way to give someone a way to contact you. 'Cuz here's the deal, my mobile and email address are the only things on there, so it's not as if I'm not asking the recipient of my card to post me a letter, or even drop it off by horse and carriage. This is merely a brief pause before we jump back into technical land. (Yes, I just called it Technical Land.) Finally, a calling card allows you a way to carve out your individual taste and style, print it on yummy cardstock and leave your new friends with a small token. And there I go again, so hopelessly sentimental and old-fashioned.

If I've convinced anyone of their need, do take a moment to check out some of the following designs. I'm guessing once you get a glimpse, you'll be on board. They really are too cool not to have in your back pocket. Trust me.

This is the one I ordered. (Yes, Erin. I'm sending you one for your bulletin board. Mwah!)

Rifle Paper Co. aims to please with a line-up of personalized and downright hilarious calling cards. This botanical one is a good entree to Anna's dead-on, quirky style. (If anyone goes for her personalized portrait, will you please do me the honor of sending me one for MY bulletin board?)

Plain, simple, fully customized and super cool. Check 'em out!

And now, for some serious deliberating and work evasion, I give you this to wade through.

{ Lady of the House }


  1. Seriously cute. I am also guilty of the iPhone add...

  2. Depending on the style, these could be used for gift enclosures. I use business cards for work all the time, and YES, personal cards are a GREAT idea. Put them on your bulletin board, and remember a good time and a dear friend! And it would be fun to use friends cards as bookmarks. Very swanky. Love the idea!!