Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Not Cooking Today

If you go on a bike ride with your husband and one of his buddies, you might fall off your bike and turn your knee. But you might continue the bike ride in hopes of stopping at the new frozen yogurt shop. You might get a healthy frozen yogurt and top it with cookie dough and heath bar chunks. And you might be glad you did.

When you get home from your bike ride, you might realize that your knee hurts more than you thought. And when you're clean-dancing, you might not be able to get as low as you'd like when "How Low" plays on Pandora. You might tell your husband how upsetting this is, and he might look at you like a crazy person.

By the next morning, your knee might be swollen up like a cantaloupe. So you might lay on the couch all day reading and watching TV. You might only "cook" things that require as little hobbling as possible, such as PB&J sandwiches, cereal, and ice cream. And you might plan on doing that for several more days.

And you might not have any guilt about it at all.

Don't forget to wear your bike helmets, everyone. It's better to twist your knee than your face.

1 comment:

  1. It is in the genes! Let me know when you need me to ship my crutches to you after my infamous "i actually exercised and my legs were so weak I wiped out while walking with new work out socks on slick hardwood stairs" incident of May 2011. I havent been able to fit my right foot in heels since. Luckily while I saw I'm fine for months you actually see a dr. Maybe thats because you just have to hobble to the basement/man cave for a dr consultation.