Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feelings by Lady of the House

It was my sophomore year of high school, and I befriended the phenomenally cool, and oh so foreign exchange student from Germany. Of course she was stuck in the Midwest of all places, but she didn't seem to mind hanging out in basements, loitering at the bowling alley, or waiting in line at McDonald's. One evening, as I stared up at that golden, glowing menu, I proclaimed, "I feel like a milkshake." And the sweet, but totally confused exchange student asked me, "What is it to feel like a milkshake?" We both may never know.

However you're feeling today, here are a few links to take you away for a bit. Enjoy!

*** These paper boxes turn "clutter" into "categorized." Wouldn't they be divine with shortbread tucked inside? Go, have a look at all the pretty options at Smock.

*** Maybe the only thing more fun than enjoying the beautiful wrapping on this soap is tearing it off. Okay, I actually know that for a fact.

*** Can't wait to give one of these bags to each of my September birthday buds. Fabric and Handle serves it up chic and sensible. Yes, please!

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