Friday, May 13, 2011

Where in the world is HDHH?

It was long, long, LONG overdue, but recently the husband and I skipped town and headed off on vacation. Ah, vacation. Even the word soothes my soul.

The scent of smoked ham at an outdoor festival. Best aromatherapy ever.

We spent time sight-seeing, riding public transit (the husband has a thing for conquering public transit), sleeping in, and eating. Oh, the eating! Long delicious meals, lingering over coffee and discussing life. Pastries enjoyed on the fly as we buzzed between sites. Picnics gathered from the supermarket and savored outdoors. Lots and lots of ice cream cones.
Bulk candy is popular the world over.

One of my favorite parts of vacation, besides the eating, of course, is observing how people in another city do all the same things I do here in Milwaukee, but with a different backdrop. For example, the husband and I spent a lazy afternoon in a sun-drenched park, reading, relaxing, and people-watching. Teenage boys rode their skateboards and took terrifying tumbles (always coming away unscathed as only teenage boys can do). Girlfriends chatted over coffees in takeaway cups. Amorous couples canoodled in the grass. (And if you don't know what canoodling is, you've never seen an amorous couple.) It could have been any park in Milwaukee.
But they don't have potato wedges at my local McDonald's.

Then I got to thinking about this concept in light of Hot Dinner Happy Home. What do people in other cities and countries do to turn their homes into havens? Do they spring clean? Serve up a hearty breakfast? Make sure their families are outfitted for a rainy day? Visit the farmers' market for local produce? I think so.
Proof that farmers' markets are essential no matter where you are.

So, now the only question remaining is where did the husband and I go on our travels? Well, you'll have to visit our Facebook page to find out for sure (and to see more photos!), but I'd love to hear your guesses. Where in the world was Hot Dinner Happy Home?

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