Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bag It, Tag It by Lady of the House

I know Erin has been working her pretty fingers to the bone, preparing for this fabulous bake sale. I am drooling from California, hoping and praying time travel kicks in before she sells every last crumb of home-baked goodness. We chatted this week, by phone, which is unusual, for us. We are the best of friends, and yet, we're the sort that trusts whole-heartledly in the other, and believes with that same strength that life, as it rambles on, can do absolutely no harm or change to our bond. We're not your typical bff, and that's why we love each other so. ANYWAY! We talked about this sale, and if I'm remembering correctly, she had all the recipes and baking worked out, recounting ingredients as if they were old, fond flames. (That girl knows her caramel!) She needed absolutely nothing from me in the baking department, but the conversation turned to housing her beloved baked goods, and she was all ears. I have a bad habit of going into hyper drive, but you're already aware if you've been reading this. So naturally, poor Erin got an ear load about glassine bags, decorative paper, ribbon, washi paper tape, and hand-written labels. You'll just have to pop by the big sale to see her delectable and delectably wrapped goodies.

But in the as gifts, or perhaps more accurately stated: Beautifully wrapped food = gifts.

Sim-mer! I'm not sending you out for parchment paper, or organic muslin, or wooden boxes only Martha Stewart can get her hands on. This is simple, sweet, and sure to please.

For your new neighbor, or your buddy who just moved...
- Grab a pretty bottle of honey, a small wooden spoon or honeycomb, wrap it up in a pretty tea towel. I like to write a note on this one that says, "Here's hoping your new home is a sweet home."

For the bride or groom to be...
- I'm a sucker for celebrating, but a recent engagement is just begging for bubbly. Someone once called to say they'd shoved a bottle of Dom in the snow outside our house. Now, that phone call was hilarious, and drinking the booze even better. But, if you're feeling civilized, wouldn't a chilled bottle of champagne on the doorstep in one of these pretty silver-plated buckets be just divine? If anyone needs practice, feel free to begin at my address! You can ring my bell.

For Mister/Madame Boogers Supreme...
- This is another good one to leave at the door, for obvious reasons. No frills here, you'll only need a handy brown paper bag. Homemade chicken broth--Yes, the real deal that actually heals. Throw in cozy socks, a tabloid or two and her favorite DVD. Look at that! Alllllll, better.

The bottom line? Packaging is powerful. And more than that, your love--appropriately wrapped--is everything! Go for it, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

{ Lady of the House }

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