Monday, March 28, 2011

Vacation Inspiration: Southern Food

It's 9:40 p.m.  The husband and I just arrived home after a weekend in Greenville, SC. We chowed down Jimmy Johns subs (I needed something fast, very fast), and now we're the husband is watching golf.

I must admit, there was zero cooking going on this weekend. But there was plenty of eating with dear friends. There's not much better than gathering around a table as food, drink, and conversation flow freely.

Now, before I fall into a post-vacation coma, I'll leave you with a few observations about my time in the south:

  1. There is GOOD FOOD in Greenville, SC. One of my favorites was Soby's. Our rowdy group was so pleased with our bacon encrusted pork, banana cream pie, braised potatoes (drooling just thinking about those), fried green tomatoes, and, everything, really, that we insisted the chef come to our table to be lauded with our praise. Well, Chef Shaun Garcia was a good sport. Such a good sport, in fact, that he indulged the table's demand for a photo op. With me. I was blushing a lot, but thought you deserved to enjoy my moment with the Chef.
  2. Southern people wear a lot of collared shirts. It looks sharp, folks. Keep it up.
  3. I need to cook something southern. While wearing a collared shirt. That's my goal for the week.
So, this post is more than a regurgitation of my vacation; it's a commitment. Come back on Friday for something inspired by the south. I don't know what it will be yet, but if the food I scarfed this weekend is any indication, it will be good. 

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