Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Heart Japan by Lady of the House

I'm thinking of Japan as I sit down to write, and I've decided rather than take you on a tour of my new digs, it may serve us all better to let you in on a few ways to shop for the home and thus help out in creative ways. As you know, feathering the nest is basically my M-O, but I do love giving my pennies to companies with heart. I'm guessing you do too.

First of all, connect yourselves with the big boys doing big things in Japan. They're set up to make order of chaos, and we can all feel at ease sending donations to household names.

Secondly, if you'd like to support some fabulous artists AND the relief efforts in Japan, look no further...

and your front hall closet with a few fabulous hanging sachets. They're straight out of that origami phase you attempted as a kid, but better. (I'm going to hang mine on the dangling light cords in the closets. Oh and P.S. Moths detest lavender and men are turned on by the smell. I'm just sayin')

after everyone with a deliciously soft cotton towel. Well, try. These are so delicately beautiful, you may have difficulty. (Mama's think Aiden and Anais meets your splattered kitchen counter. Yes, that pure and pretty. Hello, the blanket!) These towels are printed by hand in Japan, and I almost peed my pants before Christmas trying to decide which one to choose for which Auntie. Every single one is perfection.

with prints and greetings from Dutch Door Press. Their state bird series honors the places you've been, the places you come from, the places you plan to go, ie. instantly thoughtful gifts/instantly authentic decor. And the cards are so adorable, they're worth framing.

If you're out at the shops, or in need of a thing or two for your place, consider how far your moolah is going, and where it's going. I'm astounded at the grace and give exhibited in the average human being. We can be wonderful when we consider others. God bless Japan.

{ Lady of the House }

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