Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My name is Erin. And, yes, I'm Irish. 

When I was a wee lass, I needed to look up the meaning of my name. Probably a school project. Anyway, I was a bit put out to uncover that one meaning of my name is "Ireland." I was hoping for something like "Most Amazing Person Ever." 

As I've gotten older, though, "Ireland" has grown on me. Each time I see a sign emblazoned with "Erin go Bragh!", I feel a twinge of pride. And on St. Patrick's Day, I wear as much green as possible.

Erin, Oh Erin 
By Thomas Moore 

Like the bright lamp, that shone in Kildare's holy fane,
And burn'd through long ages of darkness and storm, 
Is the heart that sorrows have frown'd on in vain, 
Whose spirit outlives them, unfading and warm. 
Erin, oh Erin, thus bright through the tears 
Of a long night of bondage, thy spirit appears. 

The nations have fallen, and thou still art young, 
Thy sun is but rising, when others are set; 
And though slavery's cloud o'er thy morning hath hung, 
The full noon of freedom shall beam round thee yet. 
Erin, oh Erin, though long in the shade, 
Thy star will shine out when the proudest shall fade. 

Unchill'd by the rain, and unwaked by the wind, 
The lily lies sleeping through winter's cold hour, 
Till Spring's light touch her fetters unbind, 
And daylight and liberty bless the young flower.
Thus Erin, oh Erin, thy winter is past, 
And the hope that lived through it shall blossom at last.

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