Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to...

Last week, I made Turkey Meatloaf Florentine. One of the key ingredients is spinach. Because I am too busy/lazy/whatever to steam my own spinach for this recipe, I rely on the frozen stuff to do the job. Every time I find myself faced with a box of thawed frozen spinach, I have the same question in my mind...


Last week was no exception.

Over the years I've tried several methods for removing excess liquid from my spinach:

  • Wringing it out with paper towels.
  • Squeezing it with my two little fists.
  • Mushing it between two plates. (Not kidding.)
This time, I wanted to try a new technique. I placed the spinach in my strainer and pushed the liquid out.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Erin, please, oh PLEASE, tell us which is your preferred method for drying out frozen spinach!" Well, it's your lucky day! 

You're going to laugh, but my favorite way was smooshing the spinach between two plates. I know...this sounds totally crazy. But it was simple to hang on to the plates and the even pressure on all the spinach got the liquid out easily and effectively. 

One word of warning: If you give this a try, remember to squeeze the plates gently so you don't break them and cut your hands and bleed all over your spinach. Just sayin'. 

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  1. SIMILAR TO THE PAPER TOWEL TRICK: I THINK I recall on a cooking show seeing a "chef" dry the spinich by placing it in the center of a tea towel and wringing the daylights out of it. Might ruin the towel though. Also, gotta make sure the towel is clean. This technique would get the job done nicely, but Erin's plate mushing sounds much more fun!!!