Monday, August 27, 2012

Watermelon, etc.

There are a couple random things I wanted to share with you today:

Watermelon with Salt and Lime
Lately our cafeteria at work has offered platters of juicy, sweet watermelon at lunch. Since I've been going bonkers over watermelon, the glistening tray of red fruit makes me swoon. One day, they set a bowl of lime slices next to the watermelon with a little sign suggesting you squeeze a little lime juice on top. I, of course, had to try this. And it seemed like a good idea to sprinkle a little salt on top, too. Yeah. That was also a smart decision.

So next time you're munching on watermelon, add a little pizzazz with small drizzle of lime juice and the tiniest sprinkling of salt. Mmmm.

Ice Cream for Dinner
It's summer. Why not?

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