Monday, January 31, 2011

Brown Bag Bonanza

I do love a good turkey sandwich.  Truth be told, I love a mediocre turkey sandwich, too, but for your sake, I'll try to focus on the good ones as much as possible.

This lunchbox staple often gets a bad rap because it can get a bit monotonous day in and day out.  Sort-of-stale wheat bread.  Schmear of mayo.  Three translucent slices of turkey.  Sounds sub-par even to this sandwich-obsessed gal.

So, let's mix it up, folks!  Check out these tips for adding some flair to the noon hour:

  1. Do you have kiddos?  Keep 'em busy while you're making lunches for the next day.  Enlist their help to decorate a plain paper bag for mom's or dad's midday meal.  No one will try to steal your egg salad from the lunchroom fridge when it's in a bag covered with unicorn stickers and sequins.  
  2. Make a simple swap to revitalize your sandwich.  Sick of Kraft Singles?  Tickle your tastebuds with pepperjack cheese.  Deli meat just not cutting it any more?  Slice up leftover roast beef from dinner.  Is your lettuce looking lackluster?  Try replacing it with cucumber slices for a satisfying crunch.
  3. Bread is not just a vehicle.  Step away from the Wonder Bread and see what else your local bakery has to offer.  Dinner rolls, bagels, tortillas, baguette, kimmelweck...the possibilities are endless.  And have you tried a pretzel roll?  Well.  Get yourself to the store ASAP and buy one*.  Life changing.  
  4. Get crazy with condiments.  Mayo and mustard are good and all, but you have a fridge full of possibilities.  Make a Tex-Mex wrap with some salsa, cheese, and leftover chicken.  
  5. When all else fails, try an old favorite.  You know that half-full vat of marshmallow fluff leftover from your holiday fudge?  Well, flashback to your childhood and make a Fluffernutter Sandwich with peanut butter.  I won't tell.      
Tomorrow I'll share with you one of my current lunchtime favorites.  Until then!

*If you're in Milwaukee, Miller Bakery is a local business that makes fantastic pretzel rolls.    


  1. Thanks for the friend invite on the FB site. Hope you get a chance to visit Anna's Table. Looking forward to following.

  2. The lunch bag covered in unicorn stickers is just the cutest visual! To cut out deli meats (which sometimes contain funky ingredients) we buy whole chickens when they go on sale to roast and the cut up into single serving amounts, just enough for a sandwich and freeze the whole lot. We currently have a bag of 30 portions in the freezer, take one portion out in the evening to stick in the fridge and by morning you have a real meat filling for your sandwich!

  3. Funny post! I'm always looking for ways to jazz up my sandwiches! :D

  4. We love ciabbata rolls as a base for sandwichs! Yum ... lovin' this post!

  5. awsm post .. you got me to thinking now :)

  6. Good idea about having the kids help out with the bag decorating. Love it!! My husband is like you - he LOVES a good turkey sandwich but it is nice to mix it up a bit. Great tips!
    I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you'd like to enter. Plenty of time left until it closes.

  7. Glad you all enjoyed my brown bag bonanza! Joy, I LOVE the idea about roasting the chickens. Genius. The "real deal" tastes so much better than deli meat, too.