Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I can tell how familiar I am with an ingredient by how long it takes me to spell it.  Raddicio radichio raddichio radicchio took at least 4 tries.  Shameful, I know.

I've used radicchio before in salads, slaw, whatevs, but this is my first time cooking it, so it's ingredient #3 for my New Year, New Ingredient resolution.  I know, I'm playing fast and loose with the rules of resolutions, but that's how I roll, people.

Radicchio is a type of chicory that's most often used as a salad green.  Ironic that it's used as a "green" because it's a gorgeous shade of purpley-red.  The leaves have a firm bite to them that reminds me of cabbage.  As for flavor, radicchio is bitter, but cooking mellows the taste.  

When I scored a head of radicchio at the grocery store, I decided I wanted to roast it.  I picked this cooking method because it's hands-off, and I was feeling lazy.  In the summertime, though, I'm going to try grilling it.  And if I forget to grill it, you fabulous readers are in charge of reminding me.

Ok, that's a lot of preamble for a simple radicchio recipe.  But you know what?  I'm going to make you wait longer.  Come back on Thursday to find out what I did with my new ingredient!


  1. I love radicchio! Def a great ingredient to use in the New Year!

  2. Oh man! When i first saw that pic, i thought it was some type of meat..., like liver...haha. But, now that i know what it is, i am excited about seeing your recipe :)

  3. Cakewhiz.....HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I wish it was liver because that would demonstrate ultimate cooking bravery on my part.

  4. I always find radicchio to be to bitter but good to know if you cook it, the taste mellows some.


  5. I love radicchio but I cannot get good ones here in NY.