Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Duly Noted by Lady of the House

I used to say I didn't keep a journal for fear of someone reading it and discovering what a crazy person I am. Then I got pregnant, and found great comfort in writing TO this unborn someone rather than the typical stream of conscious I thought was meant to fill the pages of a diary. Yes, I'm still crazy, but I'm so glad I've got a running log of my pregnancy. It's something I've kept up, and because my focus is in recording things for my daughter, I find a huge sense of freedom in getting things down on the page.

I think the New Year is a great time to start this practice of documenting your life. You can make it what you want, maybe just a few pages every week or so. I've noticed that the smallest memory takes on significance when it's transferred to the written word. Pages written a month ago already seem to have a patina that my faulty memory will never match.

A journal is also a terrific household tool. No one touched the gazpacho you slaved over for your friend's baby shower? Write that down! You planted your bulbs on what date last year? You gave Aunt Greta a lovely pair of mittens for her birthday? Note it, and you'll not only have an interesting little tale of a year, but a really useful reference for all occasions.

Call me sentimental, but I think anything bound and full of handwriting becomes a treasure. Here are some charming journals I've spotted. You know me, I always have a website or two up my sleeve.

-The One Line a Day journal by Chronicle Books for someone who likes to keep things short, sweet and poignant.
-Another Day Cloudy Memory Notebook for someone who just needs a place to keep her thoughts in a no-rules manner.
-Buttery Leather and Posh journals by Graphic Image for someone that may as well pen a novel, like our fearless leader, Erin the great.
-Pocket Pads by Random House for someone that jots down funny things she sees on the bus, her grocery list, and what she's packing for Mexico.

Be fabulous, and put it in writing!

Lady of the House


  1. "Erin the Great"...I like the sound of that! I am a fan of the ever-yuppie Moleskine Cahier Pocket Squared Journal for jotting down notes, recipe ideas, grocery lists, whatever. Thanks for the inspiration to write more often, though, Lady!

  2. Its a nice thing to put your thoughts and small and big events and things into journal. I used to do that and even had journal where I was writing my dreams ( I mostly remember in the morning what dreams I had in my sleep:)).. But then I abandoned writing..

  3. Erin. Such a good call on the Molskine. And I'm interested in the "whatever" category you mentioned!

    Medeja. If you're commenting, you're writing, honey! Keep it up. It's the best therapy out there. xoxo