Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Baby! by Lady of the House

My sister phoned me this week and asked me to compile a little list of my can't-live-without baby items. Maybe, like her, you're wondering what to get for your friends venturing into the wonderful and often mysterious world of parenting. Let's break this down into a few categories: gear, fluff, and life-savers.

Gear, glorious gear.
I, though not extremely germ conscious, love to have this in the trunk so I can clip our little one to any table around town. I also have this bolted to the kitchen island, and I try my best to channel Erin while I whip up baby food. You can take off the whole fabric portion and throw it in the washing machine.

This is one of those things I wanted because I thought it looked fun. Turns out it's actually a priceless tool I use every day. And yes, it's fun too.

Let's move on to Fluff.
I'm not sure why, but this little lady is a favorite for children. She's iconic. She's apparently delicious. And she's the only way to get through the teething phase. Phase! Ha, that's funny. I guess I mean from about 5 months to 2 years of age.

We live on a city street with buses, horns and sirens screaming past the nursery window at all hours, so Lambchops, as we like to call her, is a fixture.

Life-Savers, or things you're buddy will likely call you about again and again, thanking you profusely.
Yes, this is a snot sucker, but it is the absolute best of its kind. I can't tell you the relief it is to be able to basically blow your baby's nose. They certainly can't do it!

These are the yummiest, best quality blankets that get better and better with each wash. Our baby has always slept amazingly well, and we have these blankets to thank.

If you want to give in another way...
-Drop off a home-cooked meal. And by drop off, I mean literally putting the grub on the doorstep, ringing the bell and running. You'll get to meet the baby eventually.
-When the baby is a bit older and on some sort of routine, call or email with a few dates you have open to babysit. This is so much easier for the parents to take you up on the offer.
-Call from the mall, the market, anywhere in civilization and see if your unshowered, exhausted, hungry mama friend is in need of anything. If she needs even a loaf of bread, you are so meeting the baby!
-Did I mention dropping off a home-cooked meal?

Be fabulous.

Lady of the House


  1. This is great! I'm going to bookmark it so I'll have it handy for the next baby shower I have to attend!

  2. I loved the swaddle designs blanket that I got for my comfy and top quality!

  3. My sister had my niece and one of the best presents she got was a bunch of flowers (sound funny?). Well the roses were made up of rolled baby singlets ranging from 0000 - 0 in all shades of pink (as we knew she was having a girl). And then the person had secured them to wooden (kabab) sticks and held them together with a lovely baby blanket. You can never have too many baby singlets - and buying them in a range of sizes was a great idea!

    Shari from