Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blackberry Turkey Sandwich

Soooo, did you all have an extra delicious lunch yesterday?  Maybe you discovered a new condiment that took your tuna melt from blah to beautiful.  Or something special to replace the kleenex-y white bread on your ham sandwich.  If so, do tell me about it.  I'm always looking for inspiration.

Also, pretty please e-mail me pictures of the lunch bags your kids decorated to hotdinnerhappyhome@gmail.com.  I'll post them here at Hot Dinner Happy Home, and we'll all enjoy them.  It will be like a virtual refrigerator.

The following is a sandwich I've had nearly everyday recently.  Excessive?  Maybe.  But give it a whirl, and you'll be eating it everyday, too.  It's easy, delicious, and travels well.  Feel free to adjust amounts based on your preference.  

Blackberry Turkey Sandwich
Serves: 1

1 whole wheat bagel, halved, or your favorite bread or roll
1 tablespoon cream cheese
1 tablespoon blackberry jam
3-4 slices turkey

Spread cream cheese on one cut side of your bagel and jam on the other cut side.  Pile the turkey onto the bagel, and close it up.  Slice in half, and stuff your face!  Then thank me for such a fast and delicious sandwich idea.

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  1. Just after I was married, I worked in a kitchen. I know! Don't laugh. The chef had a crazy palette and created all sorts of delicious sandwiches. My favorite was roast beef and brie with pesto mayo. I could eat like 7 just thinking about it now!

  2. Yum....a simple sandwich with unexpected jam! I like your brown bag bonanza. It's fun to read.

  3. Jorie, I'm so glad it's fun for you! And, Lady, I'm glad your belly-laugh-inducing kitchen prep chef experience resulted in such a glorious sandwich idea. I must try one ASAP.

  4. It is indeed interesting to know more about the various kinds of bread available in bakeries and delis these days.