Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Crack Me Up by Lady of the House

The Holidays are peppered with tradition, but I say there's always room for one more. This year, set the table with Christmas Crackers. What? You don't know about Christmas crackers?

These festive little tubes are basically a party all wrapped up. Inside there's always a paper crown, maybe a little toy or a joke, and oh, look at that, instant smiles on everyone's faces as the tension leaves the room.

Now growing up, we had to have my auntie mail over a box of crackers from the UK, but lately I've noticed them around, and I'm delighted to see the trend is picking up. You'll find them at Williams Sonoma, Party City, and of course,

When you decide it's time to crack the crackers, make sure the little bit of cardboard (the thing that ignites the crack) is pinched tightly with the paper. And pull it with whoever is seated beside you. The person that gets the bigger piece of the torn cracker wins the contents. Play nice, though. Just one crown for you, Mister.

Here's to a holly jolly one.
Lady of the House

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