Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Showing Up by Lady of the House

Your social calendar is brimming, and yes, time is running short, but don't, I repeat, don't skimp on your hostess gifts. It's one thing being the host, now show how gracious you can be as a guest.

I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but I will say, my suggested gifts border on luxury and oh-you-shouldn't-have-yum!

1) Send a bouquet of flowers or an arrangement BEFORE the big event. What a fun little treat, and oh how useful for your already haggard friend.

2) Skip ordinary and lavish Ms. Dinner Party with decadent soaps from Claus Porto. She'll either pop them in the guest bath, or better yet, sneak them away to her quarters for that much needed soak once the guests have left and the dishes are done.

3) Got a light? Show up with the ambiance and the sparkle with a bundle of tapered candles. Seriously, it elevates even macaroni and cheese. Hostess with the Mostest will L-O-V-E you for it.

4) And if it's a quickie run to Trader Joes for a bottle of vino, at least dress it up with a fun, and might I add, conveniently re-giftable tote. Since we're not plucking the '94 Screaming Eagle from the cellar, we may as well take old Bogle to dinner in a fancy outfit.

Be fabulous, as usual.

xoxo Lady of the House

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