Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade Thin Mints

Last year, I made these cookies for the holidays and brought them to the office to share with my co-workers.  I think I called them "Mint Crispies" or something lame like that.  Well, my pal, Craig, couldn't remember the name of the cookies, so he started referring to them as "Minty Mindies."  Sounds like the name of a gal who earns her living in an unsavory way, but no matter, the name stuck.

And, I'll admit, when you read the ingredients, it sounds like this recipe is going to taste as weird as it's name, but trust me on this one. It is AWESOME.  These easy little cookies taste just like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.  Delish.

Homemade Thin Mints (a.k.a. Minty Mindies)
Makes: 35-48 cookies

1 pound dark mint chocolate candy making wafers (I buy these at a bakery and candy supply store.)
Ritz crackers (30-50, depending on how chocolate-y you make your Minty Mindies.)
Crushed peppermint candies

Place the chocolate in a medium-sized bowl.  Microwave on high power for 2-4 minutes, stopping to stir every 30 seconds, until the chocolate is melted.  (Alternatively, use a double-boiler to melt the chocolate.)

Using two forks, dip Ritz crackers in the chocolate and stir them around to coat.  I coat mine really thickly, because I love chocolate, but you can allow more of the chocolate to drip off if you prefer.  Place the crackers on parchment paper.  While the chocolate is still wet, sprinkle with crushed peppermint candies to add a little flair.

Allow the chocolate to dry.  Serve or store your Minty Mindies in an airtight container.

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