Friday, December 17, 2010

Good info

Today I have a few totally random updates.  We have some good recipes coming next week, though, so come back for more hot dinner on Monday!

Recipe Index: We created a new tab on our homepage that lists all the recipes we've posted to Hot Dinner Happy Home.  I know, you can't wait to go and track down the recipe for Cashew Chicken.  

Meet the Happy Homemakers: Have you been wanting to find out more about us?  Well, you're in luck!  Check out this tab on the homepage for all kinds of interesting information.  
And in case you don't get enough of us here at Hot Dinner Happy Home, I thought I'd let you know where else on the interweb you can track down me and the Lady of the House.  

Facebook: Become our fan on Facebook!  You can get updates from us on your News Feed.  I'm sure that will make your day.

Twitter: Ok, I just joined Twitter, and it's a little addictive.  Come follow me.  (I'm currently picturing a Hot Dinner conga line, and I like it.)  

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  1. Following you on twitter and looking forward to more great recipes!

    Happy Holidays!