Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Public Service Announcement

We wanted to take a brief respite from our typical posts to remind you of a few important things:

  1. Hot Dinner Happy Home is on Facebook! If you're a fan, make it official and like us on Facebook. Then our updates will show up on your news feed. Just click here to visit our page. 
  2. We tweet, too. (So high tech, right?) You can follow Erin (@hotdnnrhppyhome) and the Lady of the House (@HDHHLady). Give us a holler, and we'll holler back!
  3. Want to get our posts emailed to you when they're hot off the press? Sign up in that handy box on the right. Yep, the one that says, "Enter your email address."
  4. If you think Hot Dinner Happy Home is the you-know-what (BEST!), you're friends might think so, too. Tell 'em about us. We always like new friends. 
  5. Most importantly, remember that mashed potatoes make a gross noise when they plop onto the kitchen floor. Try to avoid that. 

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