Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My, Don't We Look Nice? by Lady of the House

I've had a box of brownie mix on the counter for a few days, but inspiration hadn't yet set in. Well, thankfully yesterday it did. May I present to you, All-Dolled-Up Brownies? These are brownies as you know them, but imagine they have a glam squad helping them get ready.

I split the mix between two pans to insure they were slim, and I dropped the heat 25 degrees after the first ten minutes, ending up cooking them requisite time, but at a slightly cooler temperature. Just watch 'em.

The bummer with the frosting is that the brownies must be entirely cool before you get going in that department. Be patient.

And, for the fun part... Add some bling with a dash of colored sugar. Whisper to yourself, "Work it!!" as you take them from blah to la-di-de-licious.

{ Lady of the House }


  1. All the way cool?! I'm not sure desserts last that long in our house!

  2. Looks too good. Yum. Thanks for posting this. :)