Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy Does It by Lady of the House

Forgive me folks, but it just so happens to be Summer here in San Francisco...and by Summer, I mean perfect 70's and skies a downright cheery shade of blue. We've earned our time watching the raindrops fall, so do allow me this slightly inappropriate dinner recipe for October. Once you have this to your lips, you'll be cozy. Promise.

Start like I did--a deer in headlights at Whole Foods. (Ya, that was me that totally hit you with my cart. Good thing my Baby's got an on-command cheezy smile. God bless that little extrovert!) Grab some vegetables that look lovely, but even more so if they were all tossed lightly in olive oil and sauteed.

Now, run along to the fishmonger, and smile pretty because you're about to ask him or her to get you that 3/4 pound fillet of salmon--no, not that one--the one just beside--yes, the one behind the--yep, that's it!--and you're going to ask this person to skin it. I usually ask the Baby to flash the cheezy smile at this point if I feel things are going downhill. You can try your own version. (Please feel free to email me a photo. This, I wanna see!)

Before you head for the check out, grab your favorite bottle of Teriyaki sauce. All you gotta do is chop, and I'm telling you, dinner is literally on the table.

Here's what you do...
-cube your salmon, and while you do, just think about all those fabulous omega 3's. That little happy moment aside, toss them in a healthy splat of teriyaki. (BTW. If Erin and I ever write a cook book, I expect we will need a glossary for all the ridiculous onomatopoeia's we regularly and quite effectively use.)
-prep your veggies. I chopped carrot sticks, green beans, one jazzy, psychedelic green pepper, and a zucchini.
-throw the stubborn stuff in the pan first. In went the green beans and carrots. A dash of olive oil, a splash of teriyaki. Get busy.
-next your squishier variety. In went the zucchini and pepper.
-finally, the pretty salmon cubes that sit patiently will do best plopped in the middle of the pan. I recommend taking out your fave spoonula and getting all the marinade in with the veggies as well.
-wait a bit. Turn the fish gently, and somewhat regularly. (We are avoiding the rubbery chicken that's typically served with this sort of thing.) Check your biggest piece of salmon, and grab the forks and plates when you think everything is set.

This is a meal best dealt hot off the pan. It should be steaming as you're having you're first bite. A nice bottle of white or a Pinot as we did, the pretty napkins, maybe a candle. I say, welcome Autumn with all the zhuzh of Summer.

{ Lady of the House }


  1. Oh, gosh, does this sound amazing! I think teriyaki pairs so beautifully with salmon...and the addition of veggies makes this a fabulous meal :)

  2. I am also that very picky fish buyer. Sometimes they don't seem to mind...or so I hope.

  3. Completely agree with Lizzy over this!