Friday, August 5, 2011

There are plenty of things I'm good at. For example, smiling, being cautious, and making a killer PB&J are some of my skills. One thing I'm not good at? Gardening. 

One look at the withered geranium on my front stoop, and you'll know I'm hopeless. I lack the discipline to water regularly. I try to outsmart the garden center people and plant "full sun" flowers where the sun don't shine. It's just not my thing. 

In the past, I have managed to keep a bucket of herbs alive in my backyard. Yes, I fully believe this is an annual summer miracle, and I praise the good Lord when I pluck a stem of basil from my bounty. This year, things got real crazy, and I planted green beans. 

Hold the presses.

Did I say PLANT the green beans? I meant I bought a friendly plastic bin labeled "patio garden!" at the Home Depot and stuck it in my yard. So, yeah. I planted it. 

Anyway, I am proud to announce that the husband and I have harvested two full crops of green beans. The first crop had six beans, but by the second, we were up to 12! Now, there's a chance that I missed the most recent crop and spent a few minutes this evening picking deflated bean pods from my plant, but I've learned my lesson. Crop #4 is in my sights. 

So, if you're hopeless in the garden, consider growing green beans next year. And if you want to make an actual meal of your veggies, maybe think about planting two.

Any other easy veggies I should try in my garden? Comment away!

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