Friday, August 19, 2011

Go have fun! It's an order!

I was all set to make chicken and some delightful basil carrots for dinner, and I was planning to share that recipe with you folks today.

But then I got a better offer. Some pals invited us to eat a picnic dinner with them at Jazz in the Park, a summer tradition in Milwaukee.

My little mind started running away with me when we got the invite. What about the carrots? What will I share with the good readers of HDHH? And shouldn't I fold that laundry that's been languishing in my dryer all day? And what will I bring to Jazz in the Park? I don't have time to bake an apple pie after work!

Uh, hello, Erin! Who cares about the carrots?! (If you care, please comment. I'll owe you a serious apology.) The skivvies in the dryer will be there tomorrow, no wrinklier than they are now. And you will bring chips to Jazz in the Park. And no one will judge you for it.

So, the husband and I threw together some quick sandwiches for our picnic in the park. (PB&J for me, leftover chicken and cheese for him.) We rinsed some grapes, snagged a bag of chips, and we were off. And we had a grand time.

This is the lesson I learned for today, and I'm sharing it with you in place of the carrot recipe. Don't take yourself too seriously. And when a friend calls with a better offer for dinner, or your little one asks you to play trucks, take them up on it. You won't regret it.

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