Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fig & stilton pizza or something like that

Cooking inspiration tends to strike me at odd times. To be honest, I'm pretty useless when it comes to menu planning, grocery shopping, and just generally having a handle on what's in my pantry and fridge. But every once in a while, a rare burst of culinary genius manages to emerge, and it's usually due in large part to a temporary love affair with an ingredient. On Sunday night, I fell in love with these gorgeous figs at Whole Foods, and it was the start of something beautiful.

I was downright delighted with the results, so I thought I'd share my recipe. Here's what you'll need...
-one packet of lavash bread or plain naan bread. (I used Whole Foods 365 brand of plain naan.)
-figs, thinly sliced
-baby shiitake mushrooms thinly sliced
-mozzarella (the wet stuff) thinly sliced
-Stilton blue cheese
-good olive oil
-salt & pepper
-pecans finely chopped (I added these to my second "pizza" and it was exactly the crunch I wanted.

-preheat your oven to 450, and if you're the proud owner of a pizza stone, make sure it's in the oven when you turn it on
-first brush your naan or lavash bread with a little olive oil
-salt & pepper
-top it with a few slices of mozzarella, and crumble some Stilton in the spaces between. Go easy on the Stilton--it's stinky!
-next throw on your mushrooms, figs and sprinkle the pecans lastly
-pop it in the oven for about 5 minutes. I stuck around and watched my pizzas closely, as I wanted all the ingredients to taste really fresh, and be just slightly cooked.
-chop this into little bites and serve as an hors d'oeuvres, or eat the whole darn thing yourself like I did

{ Lady of the House }


  1. I love it. I'd eat the whole darn thing too!

  2. Great idea! I have never tried fig on pizzas before. I like the idea of using naan bread instead of making your own crust. I'm all about the shortcuts! :)

  3. I am at Whole Foods right now, reading your post. Heading over to check out the figs just as soon as I finish up. Yes, I hang out at Whole Foods and blog sometimes. It gives me inspiration. lol.