Monday, August 8, 2011

A Dinner Recipe from Lady of the House!

It's probably no surprise that I have a thing for parchment paper. I love the zing it makes as you rip it from the roll, the crisp folds it allows, and there's nothing quite like its sweet smell while it toasts in the oven. The other night I had a few fillets of salmon and some vegetables that were on their way out, so I reached for my parchment paper.

This one's easy, and you'll have a really lovely meal in no time.

Here's what you'll need...
-salmon fillet(s)
-scallion (spring/green onion--whatever you call it) 1/2 per fillet
-red skin potatoes (about 2-3 per fillet)
-fresh sprig of parsley
-fresh sprig of tarragon
-white wine (whatever's in the fridge or cheap at the store will do)
-salt & pepper
-parchment paper
And here's how to do it...
First we need to get the potatoes chopped, drizzled with a bit of oil, salted and peppered and popped in the oven at 425 for a good 20 minutes. Make certain to check on them at the half way mark, and give them a toss so they cook evenly.

Next, prep your other ingredients. Chop the tarragon and parsley finely. (You'll need just a healthy sprinkle per fillet.) Peel the carrot, then chop it in half and cut it into thin strips. Same with the zucchini, but leave the skin on. Peel the ginger, and aim for about 6 little strips per fillet. With the ginger you're cutting discs, then strips. Ya dig? Half, then quarter lengthwise the scallion. Think LONG and skinny with all these vegetables. They have to fit in the suitcase.
Ding ding! The potatoes are done and the kitchen smells ah-mazing! Grab those guys and set them aside.

Take each fillet individually, and skin them if you didn't manage to get the frazzled fish monger at your grocery store to do it for you already. Fetch the parchment paper, and "zing" a sheet per fillet. Take your sheet (about an 18 inch tear) and fold it in half. Wiggle the fillet in that fold.
Grab your veggies and pile them atop the fillet. Don't forget the potatoes, salt and pepper, and fresh herbs--this is a complete meal in one little parcel. Do your best to get three sides of the parcel stable and packed, then grab the white wine and give it a drizzle. Then fold, fold, fold so everything's sealed and safe. (As you can see from my photo, I made sure to sample the white. It's only wise! And the chef deserves a tipple, eh?)
Hopefully you left the oven on. Pop your parcel in at 425, just on a cookie sheet, and wait about 20 minutes. When you smell the salmon, and that sweet toasted parchment paper, you'll know they're ready. Unwrap the steamy goodness and plop it on the plate. Enjoy!

{ Lady of the House }


  1. Seriously parchment paper has to be the best invention ever!!!! Dinner looked great. :)

  2. this looks wonderful! I am loving all the salmon recipes I am seeing in the blogosphere lately! Thanks for this one. Buzzed ya!

  3. This method of cooking really does justice to a great piece of fish-your dinner looks amazing. Where would we be without parchment paper?! Great post.

  4. Aww, gee! Thanks guys! Can we talk about the beauty of taking the parchment paper and throwing it into the compost bin? I may seriously bolt a huge roll of it to the kitchen wall ; )

  5. Your dinner looks fantastic! Love your method of cooking :)

  6. This looks amazing! I love the clean up too! I am very impressed with your veggie cutting skills. So pretty!

  7. This looks wonderful -- so healthy too!