Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Round and Round We Go by Lady of the House

Ok, so I'm a little crazy with the early Christmas shopping, but I think you'll agree that your door does look a bit naked without a wreath this time of year.

Here's a round-up of lovely options for you.

That charming photo above is thanks to West Elm, and rings in at a mere $31 jingle bells.

This paper wreath is a lovely option for anyone whose front door isn't technically a front door, i.e. "I"ll buzz you up!"

For those of us who will only dream of a white Christmas, this succulent square is so beautiful, you'll tend it year-long.

And how pretty would this feather number be draped over the hall mirror? I'm guessing your party guests will giggle while they touch up their lipgloss.

{ Lady of the House }
--all photos compliments of their respective sites/sellers--


  1. I love them all! I'm planning on making some yarn wreaths this weekend.

  2. Stephanie, I saw an entire Christmas tree made of balls of yarn this weekend. Please send photos! And Jen, I'll bet you have some killer heels to go with! xoxo

  3. Love wreaths. I have a herb one on my Christmas list this year. I am going to be so torn from tearing pieces off to use for cooking or keeping it whole.