Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fine and Dandy by Lady of the House

I registered for China when I was engaged, high on the fantasy of chic dinner parties as I zapped tea cups and gravy boats at Bloomingdale's. I am sad to report that the dear old Royal Doulton has never seen the light of day. In fact, it all sits snugly zipped in compartmentalized bags way up high in the kitchen cupboard I never open. I didn't even haul it out for Thanksgiving last year.

Which begs the we really need this stuff? Lately I've been thinking, yes, absolutely--it's the "everyday" category I'm ready to do away with. What if the fine china was practical, usable, dishwasher safe? So I set out to find a few options that make sense now that I don't have one of those bar code guns at the ready and the ring on my finger isn't the first thing on my mind.

If I had it to do over again...

--The creamy hand-worked creations of Heath Ceramics would cradle both pasta and dinner for the in-laws with understated grace that'll have 'em flipping the saucers for the company name. ( I so do that!)

--I fell in love with this pattern by Burleigh when I visited Liberty of London for the first time. It's like a fairytale painted in blue, a very sensible fairytale. (We'll talk about Liberty's some other time. Swoon.)

--This Deshoulieres design is so detailed and giving, I could foresee a sip of tea from one of these other-worldly cups may be as helpful as a savasana or two.

So is the band of gold, the faint flower, the hand-painted feather really best kept tucked away, or would your toast be that much better on bone china? What are we waiting for?

Lady of the House


  1. Nice! We never registered for China believing that the queen was never coming to our house for tea. Wish we knew about these too. I will pass it on!

  2. You post is too funny! We never registered for China, but that's because we received my Grandparents wedding China as a gift. While I admit it is beautiful, I have only used it once in the over 4 years we've been married. Just no point, plus it's not dishwasher safe. ;-)

  3. All of my bridal shower gifts are just collecting dust :( I wish I had registered for "cash only... please!"

  4. WTF. Come on gals. Use that stuff. I probably used mine once a week. It doesn't have to be an international holiday to light a few candles.

  5. I love dishes! I say go for it~~~~buy whatever you want :)

  6. I say get a few place settings of the good stuff down and out of that cupboard and use it once or twice a week! I have taken to buying mismatched pieces and pairing them for my husband and I ... makes for a pretty and interesting tablescape.

  7. What a splendid idea, Susan. And Kate, I bet you'd have blown the cash. I know I would! The presents may be collecting dust now, but I'm certain you'll find a use eventually. In fact, you should try to use one a week, and if you honestly can't come up with a reason to, then I'd say get your Ebay or Craigslist account fired up ; )

  8. My Mum uses her wedding china - it's beautiful and although not dishwasher safe, it makes you feel special whenever you get to use it. It's tided with good feelings of Christmas, birthday dinners, congratulations, A's, getting into Uni and Netball grand finals... Now, that we're older (I'm 25, my sister is 22 and my brother is 19) Mum even eats her Sunday night soup out of the fine china soup bowls each week - why shouldn't she?

    Shari from

  9. We registered for Lenox china for our wedding and have yet to use it either!!!! I def would do things over as well!