Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Sandwich with Cream Cheese and Cranberry Sauce


I remember when I was a wee little lass, leftovers were about the worst thing that could happen to me.  I mean, seriously, I had a grueling day of electronic talking Battleship, "Hey Dude" on TV, and kick-the-can.  How dare my mother deign to offer me the same dinner two nights in a row?!  It was as if her incredibly busy schedule and sense of frugality trumped my ridiculously picky palate.  The nerve.

Mom, for all of those whiny evenings, I apologize.

Now that I'm an adult and the primary bringer of dinner in our home, leftovers are manna from heaven.  Not only do they taste delicious (sometimes better than the the original meal), but they also save time and money.  I LOVE LEFTOVERS!!

Before the stash of Thanksgiving leftovers dwindles too low, I must share with you this delicious sandwich.  It is so good I can't even handle it.  Make it for your lunch today.  If you don't love leftovers yet, you'll be converted by this sandwich.  The measurements aren't precise, so feel free to use as much of each component as you'd like.  

Turkey Sandwich with Cream Cheese and Cranberry Sauce
Serves: 1

2 slices bread
1 ounce cream cheese, preferably softened so it spreads more easily
3 ounces turkey, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
3-4 tablespoons cranberry sauce

Schmear one side of each slice of bread with cream cheese.  Pile the turkey on one slice of bread, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Spread the cranberry sauce on top of the turkey.  Top with the second slice of bread.

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