Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introducing the Lady of the House

As many of you know, I’m not actually a bona fide housewife; I just make dinner.  So, I’m bringing in a ringer to help me, er, I mean help YOU, the fabulous readers of Hot Dinner Happy Home, learn a bit more about keeping house…in a fantastic and fashionable manner, of course. 

So, joining us with a weekly post on the home, I’d like to introduce the Lady of the House.  Let’s have a chat with our new domestic diva, shall we?

Erin: Lady of the House, we're glad you’ll be joining us.  Anyone who has seen the disorder that is my happy home knows I have a thing or two to learn about being a housewife.  I’m wondering, for whom do you keep house?  Also, is that question grammatically correct?

Lady of the House:  Well, I'm thrilled to be here!!  Thanks so much for having me.  Your question is stated in perfect grammar, my dear.  I'm keeping house these days for a hard-working and often hungry husband and our six month-old little dumpling.  (Let's just say, the HDHH blog is quite the handy tool around dinner time.)  Now figuratively, I keep house for the FedEx guy, the landlord, the million possible reasons I might have to open my front door.  So you could say it's the fear of being found for the slob that I really am that compels me to keep the place tidy.

Erin: I completely understand.  I've been embarrassed by baskets of dirty laundry in the living room one too many times.  Now, let’s get philosophical for a moment.  What is a happy home to you?

Lady of the House:  It's a lot of things, so perhaps a list will suffice.  In no particular order, a happy home is: clean sheets and pressed pillowcases, something cooking on the stove, music, laughter at the kitchen table, open windows and curtains fluttering in the fresh air, meaningful art, flowers beside the bed, lamplight, candles, a roaring fire, a stocked pantry, guests, organized drawers, a proper welcome.  I could go on and on, but perhaps the happiest home is a work in progress--that dreaming and doing thing we do our whole lives.

Erin: Wow.  I feel really warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about that answer.  So, what can we look forward to hearing about in your posts?   

Lady of the House:  You'll be getting a lot of sass for one thing!  I'll fill you in on fabulous, can't-live-without websites, tips for making things lovely, good gift ideas, old-fashioned housewife practices that deserve a revival, and plenty of ways to fritter the family budget.

Erin: I think I'm speaking for the whole HDHH world when I say, I CANNOT WAIT.  Speaking of the HDHH gang...we’re a hungry group on this site.  What’s your favorite meal?

Lady of the House:  If I could live on appetizers, I'd be set.  I love the presentation, the 2-bite maximum, the wacky combinations, everything.  My favorite appetizer, which also happens to be perfect this time of year, is stuffed figs.  It's goat's cheese inside a fig, wrapped in prosciutto, baked for a few minutes, and drizzled with balsamic reduction.  Yum-my!

Erin: Ooooh!  I think I have a new recipe to try.  So there you have it, folks.  Come back tomorrow when the Lady of the House will show us how to add a little pizzazz to our parties before they even get started.  And on Thursday I'll be back with more hot dinner.  


  1. Why does the Lady of the House carry an axe? Is it for home repair projects? Children's bedtime threats? Butchering livestock? Threatening husbands into changing toilet paper rolls? Or does it have something to do with sass? I've never toted one about the house myself so I am just wondering if I'm missing out?

  2. Hi Bethi. The lady with the axe is a painting by Kelly Reemsten. www.kellyreemsten.com It's my profile shot because I think it manages to successfully harness all those funny contradictions we ladies tend to exhibit. I'd highly recommend the axe as a Fall accessory...just weild it with pearls on!!