Monday, May 20, 2013

Eating Spring

The weather has been gorgeous lately, and I'm loving it. I just have one teenie tiny problem with this weather: it's making my appetite wacky. I'm hungry...this girl is always hungry...but here's the short list of things I feel like eating: cereal, ice cream, salad, and hot dogs. Not necessarily the most well-rounded diet.

In an effort to inspire myself to stay in the kitchen for longer than it takes to pour a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, I came up with a list of easy and delicious warm weather meals.

So, what about you? What is your favorite springtime food? I need some ideas before the husband and Danny stage a protest.

Overnight Oats with Berries (I love it when breakfast makes itself while I sleep!)

Strawberry and Blue Cheese Salad with Balsamic Glaze (This is a salad--Refreshing! Healthy!--but it's also piled high with creamy blue cheese and salty bacon. It's what would happen if Homer Simpson went on a diet.)

Healthier Fried Rice (Bathing suit season is frighteningly close. Yikes.)

Dill Tuna Salad (Leftover pasta + a can of tuna = dinner. Also, dill is just so Spring-y.)

Lamb Kabobs (The husband loves an opportunity to fire up the barbecue. I love an opportunity to read People magazine while he cooks dinner.)

Pasta with Light Lemon Yogurt Sauce (Greek yogurt isn't just for breakfast. Stir it into pasta for a light and creamy sauce.)

Sesame Asparagus (Asparagus tastes like Spring. That's all I have to say about that.)

Healthier Morning Glory Muffins (I love these muffins. And I have some carrots to use up in my crisper. Guess I know what I'm doing today!)

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