Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tray Bien! by Lady of the House

We're kind of going through a phase in our house...well, let's hope it's a phase. My husband and I are sort of obsessed with chocolate chip cookies, and it's all my fault. Like, completely my fault.

I can remember being rebuked when the parcel from Amazon arrived years ago. Yes, I'd put in a special order for silicone ice cube trays after having reached my limit with the standard plastic guys. Swearing as you pour drinks for your guests is a little coocoo! My husband said they were stupid. I reminded him he can shuffle cards beautifully. I cannot. I am also apparently incapable of getting ice to plop out of a rock hard tray the way he does.

And then the other night, while we stared into a bowl of batter, lamenting the empty parchment roll that would have been perfect for wrapping up our cookies-to-be, I mentioned the blessed and now terribly scorned pink silicone ice cube trays. He called me a genius, and I happily plunked batter into each little square.

It's not anything new, but it's worth reminding you dear readers that your freezer can either be a locker for weird food you throw in there and swear you'll cook one day, or it can become your very own stockpile of perfectly portioned baked goods. I vote for the latter. Yum!

{ Lady of the House }


  1. Brilliant! Although I'm sure I'd sneak in and eat the raw dough straight out of the freezer!

  2. What a great (and adorable) idea! I freeze a ton of stuff, but never cookie dough. well done.