Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hang in There by Lady of the House

I'm a year-round chronic recycler/shredder/purger, but I've decided to let my routine take a backseat to the cheery Christmas cards sent my way this season. I'm going to hang on to these goodies for a bit longer than I normally do--let my peeps stay awhile, kick their feet up and relax.

Enter two staples I always keep in my arsenal: mini clothes pins and baker's twine. They kind of go hand-in-hand, if you ask me. And since you didn't, and you're now cocking your head to the side, squinting and wondering where the hell you'd ever find mini clothes pins, read on. Hey, you could use paper clips and that huge ball of cooking twine you bought to tie up the turkey legs. Yes, that very ball of twine that's now the expletive, I mean, thing stuck in the back of your utensil drawer, letting it out only far enough for you to peek at the corkscrew you desperately need.

This is basically free decorating, people. And the added tidbit of joy is that you get to literally hang out with the folks that took the time to send their love.

How do you guys display the deluge of Holiday cards that fill your mailbox each year? I'm curious.

{ Lady of the House }

p.s. Wouldn't your card line-up look so much better if you were baking fresh bread? Win a bread maker!!

p.p.s. Anyone in need of a laugh? Look no further.


  1. What a cute idea! Perfect. I also happen to have said twine that peaks from the back of my utensil drawer. I think its time to put it to use!

  2. Great idea :) Now...if I could just dislodge that ball of twine from the drawer!!!