Wednesday, December 21, 2011

They're Here!!

Here's an old post I thought I'd dig up and dust off for you. Hopefully these tips for hosting guests is helpful in the coming days!


Ding Dong

I grew up in a family that hosted house guests more often than not. Weary travelers arrived at the safe harbor of our tiny 4-bedroom, and Mum made sure they were comfortable. The fact is, they'd never had it so good.

I'd like to think I picked up a fraction of her ability to make those "foreign" feel completely at home. So here are some tips for opening your home

-Do Come In.
Nothing is better than a joyous welcome--a rush to the door--a genuine greeting. Get over yourself and your to-do list, and get to the door, tongs in hand. It's the primer to the party. You set the mood, not your TV. That being said, make sure Goodbye is as kind. Thank your guests for coming, and how about this...maybe even linger at the door for a moment while they back out. Pay it forward people.

-So Fresh and So Clean, Clean.
Please don't make your guests wipe their hands on your bath towel. Make sure there's a clean hand towel or paper guest towel at the ready. If you're going linen (my personal preference), have a few on hand, and pop by the loo to see if it needs to be swapped. If your guests are spending the night or a few nights, check on their linens. It's so easy to throw in a load of towels, and they'll love the 5-star treatment.

-A Little Goes a Long Way.
For overnight guests, make sure their room or sofa is well equipped with plenty of I-thought-about-you tokens. A bottle or carafe of water at the bedside is friendly, as is a little bouquet of flowers. A stack of glossy magazines is also so lovely to set out. Think of the things you neglect to do for yourself, and go for it.

-Duh! Or Stuff You Might Forget in the Flurry of Cooking.
Plunger in the bathroom. Room spray or a candle in there too. Yummy hand soap. ice!!! A clever comment when someone spills or breaks something. ("Thank you for breaking/ruining this! I have been looking for a reason to go out a buy a better one!") Your smile. Good music: Pandora, but make it a blend of a few genres. A little too much Michael Buble, and we all get the crazies.

It's a short list, but hopefully poignant. Be fabulous!!

Lady of the House

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