Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you need freshly baked bread?

Today's post is purely an attempt to tantalize your tastebuds with dreams of homemade bread. Then, once you can't stand it any longer, you'll be forced to enter the West Bend Bread Maker giveaway I posted yesterday.

Baking bread when you have a bread maker is easy. First you heat milk to 80 degrees and dump it in the machine.

Then you measure out your flour and dump it in the machine.

Sprinkle a little salt and sugar on top of the flour, put butter in the corners, and measure the yeast. (Note: Yeast is not something to fear! You too can bake with yeast!)

Pour the yeast into a little divot you dig in the flour. Channel your inner toddler.

Press three buttons to start the machine.

Wait. This is by far the hardest part. And then...

Eat. Mmmmm.

Now don't forget to enter the bread maker giveaway!


  1. You definitely succeeded in making me crave warm, freshly sliced bread!

  2. That's just mean! :) (I already entered.) :P