Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Tisket A Tasket by Lady of the House

I'm realizing, now that I'm a mother, I wear a number of hats. I haven't ever appropriately assumed my role as Easter Bunny, but this year I've decided to hop to it. (Sorry, that's the bunny ears getting to me!)

I'm loathe to see the table set Easter morning with one of those ratty, disposable baskets, so I started to wonder... Could all the lovely Easter treats be snuggled inside something that won't end up in the bin? Could the "basket" be re-thought? Could I find Easter cheer in a container that might lend itself elsewhere?

Yes! Turns out, there are endless options once you think outside the basket. (Again, it's the bunny ears talking.) Here are my favorites...

Origin Crafts is one stop shopping for pretty containers, and their wire baskets seem to channel the Easter vibe, if you were perhaps celebrating in Tuscany this year.

Upcycled and totally charming, Sewing Momma's sweet little fabric bins would be welcome year-round.

Garnet Hill's collapsible bucket is a genius design that would be darling filled with treats for the beach or garden.
And don't these bright enamel pails just scream Spring?

{ Lady of the House }


  1. These are great! One year I used a Popcorn bowl for the husband's Easter basket. Must admit that I'm guilty of using the $1.99 neon pink basket from Walgreens on several occasions, though!

  2. I am using my kids halloween baskets that were spiderman, elmo and iron man....gonna try and decorate them to be more "easterish" :-)

  3. Suzy. Such a genius idea!! Thanks so much for sharing.