Friday, April 29, 2011

Ready for a Change

I get to a point in every season where I'm ready for a change. And I have hit that wall hard this Springter (that's Spring/Winter for those of you who haven't been experiencing the nasty weather in the Midwest this month).

I chopped off my hair. Yep, about 6 inches. GONE. Now I'm yearning for highlights.

Somehow, any cute clothes I once owned mysteriously disappeared from my closet, and I have nothing to wear.

I can't handle another Saturday movie night at home because it's too cold/dark/rainy/dreary/foggy/horrible to leave the house. Talk about cabin fever.

My shoes. Oh, my shoes. They are all frayed and salt-blotched from the snowy season.

And I am so ready for warm-weather food.

To indulge at least one of my summer dreams, I am sharing with you a few photos from last summer's farmer's market haul. Please hum Will Smith's "Summertime" to yourself quietly as you view them.

1 comment:

  1. This does make me long for summer. I can't wait to be sipping ice tea and eating fresh fruit from the farmers market:)