Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Just Need Some Air by Lady of the House

Truth be told, I am not a green thumb. Though I adore flowers, know their names, even stop to smell them--I can't seem to keep them alive. My options are limited due to this fact, but even more so now that we're in a north facing flat with no garden. Meanwhile Spring, in all her glory, buds and blooms.

So I went out today in search of some sprig of nature that just might let me at least try and look after it. And after chatting with the nice gals at my local nursery, it was determined that the perfect plant for my type is an air plant. They don't need much, meaning I probably can't screw it up, and they also happen to be wild and wonderful.
I fished out some delicate glass vases my sister gave me ages ago. (CB2 still makes this one!) Then I started by sprinkling a shallow layer of sand into the base of each vase. I added a little reindeer moss for some fluff and color, suspecting the air plant might hinge itself a bit more easily with a little cushion. Then I placed the air plants, strung the vases with twine, and hung them in the kitchen window. I'm delighted to have a bit of the outside in. Now if I can just keep them alive... Wish me luck!

{ Lady of the House }
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