Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bust out the Linens

Our household made the switch from paper napkins to linen a few years ago, and we've never looked back. I'd like to say it was an earth-friendly decision, but chances are I had depleted the stack of the sweetly embossed paper variety and reached for the linen drawer. I submit to you that dinner, tea time, heck, even breakfast tastes better with linen napkins. It elevates things, makes things feel slightly more special, and I daresay we all deserve to feel special.

Over the years I have turned up some lovely linens in second-hand shops, and I make a point of having a little look whenever I'm traveling. This is the least expensive way to buy napkins, and you can score some fantastic old embroidered numbers. You'll always remember your trip when you set the table, and talk about an easy thing to pop in your suitcase!

Maybe you have a neglected drawer of linens as I did, or maybe you don't own any. As I said, you'll find the most charming things second-hand, or if you prefer brand spanking, then the following sites will have you set. Oh, and pick up a few extra for those inevitable hostess gifts
you'll be needing at the holidays.

Here's to being fabulous, and wiping the dribble from our mouths!

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