Friday, May 6, 2016

Kentucky Derby Menu

It's Derby Weekend, folks! Amy is our resident southern gal, but today I'm throwing a virtual Kentucky Derby party. Whether you're cheering on My Man Sam, Danzing Candy, or Whitmore, you're going to be a winner with this Derby Day menu.

Let's get cooking...and betting!

We're starting the party off right, with Amy's famous Mint Julep. Let's be honest, if the drinks are good, no one will really care what else is on the menu.

When you're having cocktails, you need Spiced Nuts. Make these ahead of time, then munch on them while you're supposed to be vacuuming.

Also, Deviled Eggs. Because everyone loves them. I mean, have you ever had leftover Deviled Eggs? I didn't think so.

Lightened-Up Curry Chicken Salad is next on my Derby Day menu. It feels classy enough for a horse race, but it's easy enough to prepare while you're holding a teething toddler on your hip. (Not that I know from personal experience or anything...)

Asparagus is in season. Which means in addition to being delicious, it's probably on sale. Let's guild the lily and wrap it with pork. Yes, folks, I'm talking about Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Spears.

My mom makes the tastiest Butterscotch Cashew Bars, and they're requested at every church potluck. I think your Derby guests deserve to try them, too.

Because one dessert is never enough, we should serve Crock Pot Chocolate Cake, too. With a giant dollop of whipped cream, don't you think?

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