Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Herbs of 2012

I don't have a green thumb. In fact, my thumb is more the crusty brown hue of the un-watered and withered. I lack the dedication and interest to keep my gardens alive past June. I don't weed. I don't prune. 

One summer I attempted to grow green beans, and I had a beautiful harvest...of about 10 beans. Note I said beautiful not bountiful

Several times I've planted tomatoes. I've heard so many comments about prolific tomato plants. "Oh, my tomatoes are just going crazy! I can't eat them fast enough! I canned all weekend and made 49 gallons of salsa!" I figured that it must be a cinch to grow tomato plants as tall as the garage that hang heavy with fruit. I figured wrong. My tomato crop was a big, fat nada. Zilch. Nothing. Zero. 

Every year, though, I manage to keep a bucket or two of herbs alive on my back porch. This is a testimony to the hardiness of these tasty plants and not at all to my skill level in the garden. Believe me, if I can keep them alive, anyone can. 

This year, I'm growing my favorite herbs in a few sunny yellow planters. Basil and mint live in one...

And parsley, dill, and rosemary are in the other.

Do you grow herbs in your garden? If you haven't given it a try, I'd encourage you to buy a little container of your favorite herb for your patio or stoop or sunny window. It feels so summery to snip a few leaves of basil from your own backyard to add pizzazz to Herbed Quinoa or Corn & Tomato Salad. It's just a tiny bit of effort, and, in my humble opinion, it's well worth it.     

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