Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Greetings from Nantucket, Massachusetts! I'm calling this quaint island home this week while I trundle about town sampling the food, devouring the local art scene and dipping my toes in the Atlantic. What an escape! Join me on a brief photo tour of one of my favorite finds so far: the Saturday morning Farmer's market.
Pumpkin Pond Farm had their freshly picked organic lettuces set in an old baby bath tub. What a salad we made!

Nantucket pride was on full display. These people are literally digging for ways to be more sustainable as a community.

How cool is that?

Goodies from Island Organics. (These guys know how to bake a pie, AND wrap it up!)

Really lovely designs from Keely Smith, and good chat to go with. She says she doesn't make anything she hasn't tried to swim in and rough-up.

I couldn't resist Jeanne van Etten's whimsical paintings. She said she'd always dreamed of painting her creations on local beach stones and shells, and finally plucked up the nerve to do it. I'm so glad she did!

My favorite purchase was an original print from one of David Lazarus' intricate etchings. His work seems to sum up Nantucket for me, the grit, the history and the haunting sea and all its untold stories.
Nantucket is pure magic, and comes highly recommended by the { Lady of the House } xoxo


  1. Im so jealous of all these lovely markets. I haven't found one near me worth bragging about. Gorgeous photos

  2. I love Nantucket. Do you they still have the yummy sandwich shop, Provisions?

  3. What a fun day-outdoor markets are so neat to go to. Wish I was there-enjoy your stay!

  4. oh how beautiful! Wonderful post- now I totally want to visit!

  5. What a beautiful lattice topping on that pie...it's just so perfect! And how cute are those whale rocks. Great photos!