Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be Our Guest

I'll let you in on a little secret...I used to push paper. Yes, big time paper. We're talking wedding invitations for people that own entire chains of grocery stores, get married in France, fly everyone there and hire calligraphers to write guests' names (yes, i believe the plural possessive is appropriate for this one) on smooth stones. I won't name names, but I've worked with the best from Philly to Berkeley, and I'll never be the same again.

...Which is why I've been set to the heavy task of preparing a guest book for my cousin, Louise. She'll be married in St. Andrews in July, and though I can't attend, I'm sending my love, bound, tied, and all dressed up for her big day.

I ripped apart a perfectly lovely guest book from Paper Source, and did my thang. (Dear Paper Source, you can leave off the "guest book" bit. It's cheezy, and everyone gets it without your ugly tag, front and center. Luv ya!)

So here's the deal. My photos are merely inspiration for those who have an inkling, a vat of PVA (that's poly vinyl acetate or glue for those of you wondering), and enough red wine around to tackle this sort of project. I'm afraid I'm a dreadful teacher which is why I'm offering another guest book in the paper and bookcloth of your choosing (via to the winner of the best comment, subsequent Twitter follow @HDHHLady & @hotdnnrhppyhome, and LIKE on FaceBook.

So who are my brides, or guests of honor? Let's hear it!!

{ Lady of the House }
p.s. Winner will be announced in next week's Wednesday post. Oh, and make sure your email account is within your user profile so I can contact you. Contest closes on Tuesday June 21 at noon.


  1. For the pages where guests about use pages from an art book found on the "bargain counter"...perhaps works of Louise's favorite artist. Guests would sign in bold markers! And yes...the possessive plural was just what was needed! Sorry I don't know how to twitter, but I do enjoy your posts!

  2. Dear Anonymous. Please send me an email ( I'd like to reward you, my ONLY reader, for your entry. xoxo