Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll be Brief by The Lady of the House

As you may recall, this week my family and I are heading a few miles across town to some new digs. Moving is quite likely the most heartening of domestic events, fraught with a range of emotions all settling down to one hope: the hope of "home." Somehow while you're scrubbing schmutz off cupboard doors, and trying desperately to get surfaces to feel like new, you're having your own little Louisiana Purchase moment, staking your claim. Okay, maybe that's just me. At any rate, on Monday, I scrubbed, mopped and dusted our "new" San Francisco flat built in 1926, and it'll be a while before it feels like home. Needless to say, I'm a bit short on time, so I thought I'd post a little link love.

As I stare at all these blank walls, I've got ART on the brain. Here are some inexpensive and positively lovely posters just begging for a spot in your home and mine.

--I have always loved these quirky maps, probably because I wasn't born with any sort of internal compass. They're not only fun to look at---they actually help you get your bearings! Wouldn't the Heart poster be perfect for Valentine's Day?

--I bought this poster for Erin for Christmas, and I've got one in black hanging in my own kitchen. If you're reading this blog, I'm guessing one may be welcome in your home as well.

--For those of us that think about things like typefaces, printing methods, and cool wedding gifts, try this route. I have always coveted the aqua ampersand.

--I adore Amy Butler's textile designs. Now she's taken the best bits and turned them into iconic prints. Genius! Wishing you could slap your powder room walls in decadent wall paper? This may be your fix.

--And now for some art that's slightly "off" in a good way... Like what home isn't complete without a print of owls and pigeons partying? Tell yourself it's for your kid. It's totally for you!

Lady of the House


  1. These are great websites! Another one that I have found is
    Check it out!

  2. Katie! I'm bookmarking that site. Thanks so much for sharing. Should I put the portrait of Kate Moss in the loo? haha

  3. I'm sure you'll have that new place feeling like home in no time! Just fill it with love, great food and laughter!

  4. wow, congrats on your new move. i love seeing pictures of kitchens. i am doing a series on my website that is scheduled to post soon. i am obsessed with all different themes and especially to see what people do with small spaces.

  5. The first image that you posted looked just like the park at the end of our street when I lived in Potts Point (Sydney, NSW, Australia) 2 years ago. I remember moving into the little apartment with my best friend Pip - an empty canvas for us to stamp our mark. We loved going to the markets in Paddington on a Sunday morning and searching for old paintings/ sometimes just good old frames which we could get on the cheap to liven up our apartment. Op-shops are also great places to find interesting things to make your 'house' a 'home'.

  6. You're all so sweet to leave your thoughts. How I love to hear from you. Christina: Laughter is high on the list, especially when the toilet is down the hall from the tub and sink! Veggie: Oh honey, you're gonna get an eyeful...wait til you see the red tiles! And Shari: You are quite enchanting. Let's go op-shopping sometime. I'll meet you in Sydney. xoxo

  7. I'm sure your new house will soon be your new home! Lots of cooking and laughter and new memories will be made!

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