Sunday, September 18, 2011

If I May by Lady of the House

* Photo by Jack & Lulu *

I'm usually kept caged until Wednesdays when I'm let out to post and play here, but when I read Erin's post yesterday morning I couldn't stop myself from sharing a few recipe box finds. I don't own a recipe box, so I wondered, what's out there? I've divided my results into some silly, if not non-existent stereotypes. (Do you have a kitchen alter ego?) Now it's just a matter of choosing which one!

-For the folksy type that picks wild flowers...

-For the little ones--it's never too early to start collecting I suppose...

-For the utilitarian with a cheeky side...

-For the preppy minimalist...

-For the zen master...

Ok, back to my cage!

Lady of the House


  1. Fun ideas. While I know the topic is recipe filing, you mentioned "the little ones"...and that made me want to share that one of THE BEST GIFTS I received as a young girl (other than a bath towel with a train on it) was a cookbook! I still remember the lunch packing tips (like ...wrap that lettuce separately in wax paper!...this was before plastic wrap!). I love to give as kid-gifts cookbooks and flashlights. Thanks to you and Erin for my lunch time fun!

  2. Nice selection! I guess I should get one of these and get rid of all the loose paper on the counter! It is so easy to get disorganized in a second, and takes a lot to be organized!

  3. I couldn't agree more - it's tough to stay organized!

    I think categorizing it to your preferences or however makes it interesting helps keep you disciplined to keep order :)

  4. You just had to go and share a link to Crate & Barrel... ;)