Friday, November 27, 2015

Good Day Charlotte Features George Girls and Sugar Cookies

Dear readers, you know how I like to be in the kitchen with my daughters, right? Well, we spent some special time cooking this morning. On live TV. OK, it wasn't actually cooking. But it was live TV. Lucy, 8, Penny, 6, and I went on Fox 46's Good Day Charlotte to show how we make holiday Sugar Cookies in a "What's Your Dish?" segment.

Pretty sweet time! Or, as Lucy said, "They're delicious!"

(VIDEO): What's Your Dish? Amy George and her daughters Lucy and Penny show us how to make Christmas  Sugar Cookies

In case you missed it, earlier this month, I appeared on "What's Your Dish?," which features area food bloggers, to demonstrate roasted chicken, chicken stock and chicken noodle soup. Lucy and Penny tagged along for moral support and got a taste for broadcast stardom and just had to return.

(BLOG POST): Cooking Chicken 3 Ways on Fox 46's Good Day Charlotte

(VIDEO): What's Your Dish? Amy George Makes Roasted Chicken

Anyhow, today was even sweeter, because my sous chefs got to go on air with me! And who doesn't like an excuse to eat sugar cookies before 9 a.m.?

Stay tuned to this blog next week when we will post three more holiday baking recipes. On Monday, I'll bring you Ginger Cookies. On Wednesday, Andrea will treat you to Cherry Orange White Chocolate 7-Layer Bars. And on Friday, Erin will feature her mom's Kris Kringles.

Happy holidays, readers and fellow bringers of hot dinner! We hope they are the sweetest.


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